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M – S: 11am – 10pm


2304 Hillsborough St,
Raleigh, NC 27607

About Us

At Fun Dip Pot, we’re not just about food, we’re about creating unforgettable dining experiences. Our passion for culinary innovation and the joy of sharing a meal with friends and family is what drives us every day.

Community and Connection

Beyond the culinary delight, Fun Dip Pot is a place where connections are forged and laughter resonates. Gather your friends and family around our tables, and let the experience of sharing a meal bring you closer together.


Events and Celebrations

Planning a special occasion? Let Fun Dip Pot be a part of it! Whether it’s a birthday, reunion, or corporate event, our inviting ambiance and mouthwatering hot pot creations make every gathering an unforgettable affair.

Culinary Exploration

Discover the culinary adventure that awaits you at Fun Dip Pot. Dive into the world of hot pot, where every ingredient is a possibility and every bite is a revelation. Join us on a journey of flavor, innovation, and culinary exploration.


Online Order

Hungry and prefer to eat at home? No problem! Order your meal now with our secure and reliable online order platform!


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